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Founded in 2004, Volcano Produce ™, Inc. is a grower, importer and distributor of fresh organic produce and exotic specialty fruits. Currently, Volcano Produce ™ is the sole importer of the Goldenberry™, the company's brand of Physalis Peruviana.

Founded in 2004, Volcano Produce™ began doing business in the Los Angeles produce wholesale market and high-end retail markets around the Southern California region by importing and selling fresh hearts of palm. Volcano Produce™ now grows and imports organic green onions, brussels sprouts, radishes, broccoli, carrots, cabbage, celery and other exotic specialty products. Volcano Produce™ has also expanded its sales and distribution to the east coast and Chicago markets, providing quality products to natural food stores, supermarkets and restaurants across America.

In addition to our complete selection of organic products, Volcano Produce™ also offers its Fugly FruitThe fun ugly fruit™ line which encompasses exotic fruits.

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