Volcano Products

are NŌ KA ‘OI

“Indeed the best”

exotic produce


Fugly Fruits®
Specialty and Exotics

Premium Organic and Conventional Produce with Year-round and Seasonal availability


orange bell pepper
Field grown produce

Field Grown


We offer Bulk and Consumer Convenience packaging options

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Volcano Values

  • We do what we say and say what we do (Our Word)
  • Respecting people and product
  • Providing quality product
  • Transparency
  • Work ethic

“We are committed to building customer trust and confidence by reliably providing nutritious food products, exemplary customer service, and sharing the Aloha Spirit by embracing the life lessons that have become the pillars of Volcano Produce.”

– Toni Rodosta,
Malama ‘Aina

Volcano has established an extensive line of fruits and vegetables to support local, regional, and national retailers’ fresh categories. We emphasize innovations like sustainability, earth-friendly packaging, and specialty-crop consumer education tools, which are essential elements of Volcano’s continuing growth and success.

  • Farmer-centric approach
  • Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Recyclable & Compostable
  • Sustainable
Primus Labs and USDA Organic certifications

About Volcano


is the Heart of the Volcano

Volcano Produce is a proud grower, importer and shipper of organic and conventional fresh produce.

Growing up, Toni watched her father as he built his successful career and business, Pacific Paradise, an importer of Hawaiian papayas to the mainland. Absorbing the benefits of this immersive education, Toni emulated her father’s work ethic, farmer-centric approach and relationship-building skills.

An early entrepreneur, Toni established her own company shortly after graduating from college. Inspired by the Aloha spirit of the islands she grew to love in her youth, Toni selected the name Volcano Produce. With a Nō Ka ‘Oi (indeed the best) mindset, Volcano Produce was born as a premiere specialty produce provider.

Toni holding her dog, Aloha

Toni Rodosta was destined to be in the produce industry

Aloha the Dog
Speech bubble with "Woof! I'm Aloha!"
Photos of Toni with dog/wine glass, watching the sunset, and holding grapes on the vine