About Us

Founder Toni Rodosta grew up watching her father build his career in the produce industry starting with Triple-T, then Pacific Paradise which was based on the big island of Hawaii.  With a 1000 acres of land Pacific Paradise began growing Papaya, which was then a specialty crop, and shipping it to the mainland where it has become a mainstream commodity.

Inspired by her father’s success, it was Toni’s dream to one day start her own produce company. In 2004, shortly after graduating from college, with the mentorship of her father, a college professor, and the COO of the California Adventist Federal Credit Union, Toni established Volcano Produce, Inc., (VPI) named for the islands she grew to love in her youth.

Volcano Produce’s beginning was also with a specialty product, fresh Hearts of Palm, which were sold into the Los Angeles wholesale market and various retail chains.  Recognizing the potential of organic produce in the industry, VPI turned its focus to growing a line of organic bell peppers and cucumbers to support local, regional and national retailers’ fresh categories.  Emphasis on innovations like sustainable consumer packaging and a specialty crop consumer education tool, Fugly Fruits™, have also become an important part of VPI’s continuing growth and success.

Fugly Fruits™ was developed and trademarked as a specialty educational tool, long before “Ugly Fruits” became an acceptable retail marketing concept.  

Volcano Produce, Inc. is committed to building customer trust and confidence by reliably providing nutritious and safe food products and ingredients.  VPI subscribes to full compliance with all statutory and regulatory requirements, and continuous improvement toward the best customer service.