Fugly Fruits

Try Us, We’re Fun Ugly®

Fugly Fruits®! Don’t judge them by the skin they’re in, taste Fugly Fruits® beauty from the inside out. Our goal is to share fun, fabulous flavors for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re big or small, be sure to try them all. Kids and adults all love getting to know these fun characters. If you’re not eating them, you’re missing out on all the Fugly Fun®!

Meet the team!


“They call me Cherimoya. I taste like pineapple and I am real good for ya. They say I’m smooth as custard. I smell so nice. So try me out, it’s good advice!”

The cherimoya, aka “the tree of ice cream”, tastes like a blend of pineapple, mango and strawberry flavors. Ripe fruits are black-green and feel semi-soft, like an almost ripe avocado. To eat, cut your cherimoya in half lengthways and either scoop out succulent spoonfuls, eat like a watermelon, peel and cut into cubes and add to fresh fruit salads; puree and use as a mousse or pie filling. But always remember to avoid those seeds!


“Hola! I’m Pepino. Let me tell you un poco. My sweet latin taste will drive you loco! I’m straight from the Andes & love to sit in sunrays. I’m a sweet little melon so try me any day!”

The Pepino melon is native to Peru. You would never guess that pepinos, with their melon-like flavor, belong to the nightshade family that also include eggplants, peppers and tomatoes! The heart-shaped golden fruit is marked with purple stripes or patches and range in size from plum to cantaloupe. Serve golden yellow pepino like melon, with a squeeze of lemon or lime.

Passion Fruit

“Ooh la la. I’m a fruit of passion. I’m so tasty, you will have to ration. One bite of me, and you’re on fire. I’m tangy sweet, filled with desire.”

Passion Fruits are usually the size of a small apple with a yellow, pink, or purplish- brown color. Somewhat acidic and somewhat sweet, its flesh is exquisite and flavorful, reminiscent of the guava; cut in half and eat with a spoon. It is a fruit, which is easily made into purees to make jellies, creams, sorbets and ice cream.

Kiwi Fruit

“Good day mate, my name is Kiwi. I’m warm and fuzzy, and still a peewee. Green as a croc, a taste you’ll savour. So fresh and crisp with banana flavor.”

Kiwi fruit may look unpalatable at first glance, but under that hairy brown exterior lies an explosion of flavor reminiscent of strawberries and pineapple. Fun fact: Kiwi was formerly known as the Chinese gooseberry, although it is associated with New Zealand, kiwi actually originated in the Chang Kiang Valley of China. Most prefer to either peel kiwi fruit or slice it in half to scoop out with a spoon. However, there are some varieties that are scarcely hairy at all which may be eaten skin and all if you are feeling adventurous. 


“All the kids at school called me Fugly. But if they’d tasted me, they would’ve dug me. Hey man, don’t judge the fruit by its skin!”

The Tangelo is a variety of citrus fruit that grows in Jamaica. You will love their sweet tangy flavor. The fresh flavor of the tangelo is delicious adding a subtle tang to both sweet and savory combinations. They are easy to peel, with generous sized segments; it is exceedingly juicy. Pro tip: juice tangelos for a refreshing tangy drink or add to your favorite summer cocktails for a tart twist!


“My name is Palmito, and I’m from the West Indies. I’ve been around since Columbus sailed on the high seas. I am an exotic legume, sometimes called Hearts of Palm. Try me out for a snack, I won’t steer you wrong.”

Hearts of palm are exactly that, the heart of a palm tree. These particular palm trees, the Sabal palmetto, thrive in Central and South America. Long before Columbus stumbled upon the new world the Carib Indians used the palm bark and leaves to build houses. They also ate the nuts of the mature trees and used the core (heart) of the young plants. You can’t resist the wonderful tenderness and delicate nature of its lush tropical flavors.